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Is human trafficking the same as prostitution

is human trafficking the same as prostitution

D., was the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board of the Sex Workers Project and is a research consultant on issues of sex work, prostitute services list mobility and migration, HIV and sexual health.
Labels in these scenarios are nothing less than complicated and oftentimes vary according to the local law.In 1831, it is estimated that nearly 250,000 New Yorkers were working as prostitutes.Its important to understand that while sexual exploitation plays a role in each phase along the continuum, it does show up in different degrees.We focus on intervention, which means that we find and free victims of human trafficking alongside local authorities.One study of prostituted women in nine countries found that 70-95 percent of the women were physically assaulted, 60-75 percent were raped, and 89 percent of the women told researchers that they urgently wanted to escape prostitution.5 Even if individuals choose this profession, globally its.They depend on the women they recruit into prostitution.Prostitution quickly becomes a viable option sometimes seemingly the only one.
Prostitution and Human Trafficking: A Paradigm Shift.
People concerned about the health and rights of migrants should choose to talk in terms of migration and mobility and workers' rights - including sex workers' rights - rather than confusing matters by using the term "trafficking" with all its attendant baggage.
Commercial sexual exploitation needs to be stopped.Elements of Sex Trafficking 1, act : Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons; Means : Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim; Purpose.The tendency to treat trafficking and prostitution as if they were the same thing has a long and problematic history.Department of Justice Model State Provisions on Pimping, Pandering, and Prostitution.Willing Participants in Prostitution, prostitution is another oftentimes difficult reality for millions globally.Sex workers engage in this for many reasons, but the key distinction here is that they do it voluntarily.It is regrettable that despite the obvious reality of this perspective, the popular imagination of sex work tends to return to images of young girls forced into sexual slavery.Both have been given few choices and opportunities in life.

So, is there a difference?
That being said, most sex trade workers that chose to participate didnt wake up one morning and decide that is what they wanted to do for a career.
There are big differences between women trafficked into sexual slavery and voluntary sex workers.


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